Dawn Patrol in Northern California

Story submitted 4/23/96
by Startled Surfer

It was a friday afternoon and a couple surf buddies and I struck out for the coast. We were fairly excited because a nice swell had just come in the day before so we were looking forward to a nice long session. We pulled into our favorite spot north of San Fransisco, and were delighted to see a nice clean westerly swell pumping 5-7. We paddled out and experienced immediate satisfaction. We continued to have a great session with our own peak to ourselves.

After about two and half hours we agreed we'd take the next wave in. Then as if someone heard us say that a 10-12 ft. shark swam practically underneath us. My heart stopped and I froze, and before I could say anything my buddies and I were turning onto the next wave. We surfed straight in as fast as we could.

When we got out of the water we looked back to the ocean in silence looking for what drove us out of the water, but the shark left as stealthfully as it came. It took awhile for us to go back and get in the water at that spot, but sure enough as soon as the waves picked up again we were there.

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