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by Rustee

"Rustee's World"

I'm a North-Central CAL local, I surf everywhere from Humboldt to Big Sur, surfing the San Mateo County coast more than anywhere..... I have seen the beach breaks around Pescadero, San Gregorio, & Tunitas turn epic when we are extremely lucky!!! I am writing this piece to tell the world that those of us who get to surf this beautiful stretch of coastline on a regular basis are extremely lucky!!!!! There are those people who travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to catch our backyard in rare form.

There are some 'tudes here and there.....but for the most part, after being other places it's pretty mellow, unless you are out of line and completely at a loss of respect..... From Humboldt jetty to Moss jetty we have the most beautiful and awesome coast and surf in the world.......definitely not the warmest, and there are some hazards out there.......but come in peace, show respect to those who surf places regularly, and enjoy the high. If you see some trash pick it up on your way in and put it in a can!!! Take care of our resource and it will take care of us!!!!!! Come, enjoy, be stoked!!!!!!

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