Story submitted 6/10/96
by Eve, Kerry and Chris

"Over the Falls"

This is an Australian tale from the south west corner of WA, Yallingup Nigerhead. Me and my bud's were out one day and the swell was pumping around 9 feet. We were caught inside right over the top of the nigerhead when a freak set came through, all of us were almost @@%%$^& in our wetties.

My two friends started paddling as as fast as they could I just froze , they made it out just in time but I Was %*@!#. The wave picked me up and threw me onto the Nigerhead. Ouch it %$#^@ hurt. That was all that was all that I remember. My friends filled me in on the rest, I was taken over the falls and hit my head on the reef below. They saved me from a certain death. In the hospital I had 15 stitches in the back of my head. Lucky heh!!!!

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